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Workers’ Compensation

From sustaining slips, trips and falls to repetitive strain injuries and using improper lifting techniques, many people hurt themselves on the job. At Graham Chiropractic we have the expertise to help these patients recover from their injuries so they can return to work.

It’s important that you seek care as soon as possible following your injury.

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What to Expect

Similar to how we approach auto accident cases, you’ll come in and we’ll provide a consultation, followed by an exam and digital X-rays. Just as it would be for an auto accident case here in Pennsylvania, your care is 100 percent covered. There are no out-of-pocket expenses.

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Our Approach

In addition to providing customized chiropractic care, we also seek to help prevent your particular injury from recurring. We offer custom-tailored stretches and exercises that can help strengthen the problem area. Ultimately, we want to restore proper and long term function to your spine.

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Your Employer

When you’ve been injured on the job the last thing you want to deal with is paperwork. We will stay in contact with your employer and send reports to the employer as to the status of your condition. An attorney is usually not involved unless the patient sustains a permanent injury.


Will workers’ compensation cover my care?

Yes, workers’ compensation will cover the cost of your chiropractic care.

Although I was injured on the job, I don’t want to file a claim. Can I still receive care at your practice?

Yes, we recommend that anyone who’s been injured seek chiropractic care. We would encourage you to think about filing a claim with workers’ compensation. That’s because if you do, your care will be completely covered. Some patients are concerned that they would be fired if they file a claim, but it’s illegal to be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

What are some types of common on-the-job injuries?

Through our doctors’ years in practice, they’ve helped patients with a broad array of job-related injuries. Some of the most common ones include head and neck problems, back pain, plantar fasciitis, leg, knee or hip problems, disc herniations and many others.

Is there a time limit in regard to reporting work-related injuries?

In the state of Pennsylvania, injuries that occur at work need to be reported to your boss or supervisor within 21 days after they occur. In general, you should tell your boss or supervisor as soon as you are hurt, even if you think it is a minor injury or that it will go away without medical care.

Am I limited as to who I see for care?

Your employer should have a list of six doctors posted in a conspicuous location at your place of employment. If there is a list, you must see one of these doctors for the first 90 days. After the first 90 days, you may go to a provider of your choice.

If an employee would like to be seen by a chiropractor and there isn’t a chiropractor on the list provided, the employee does not have to wait 90 days and may go to a chiropractor of their choice immediately.

Book an Appointment

If you’ve been injured on the job, we want to help you recover from your injuries. Contact our Pleasant Hills practice today to schedule a convenient appointment.


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